Hello world!

Welcome to the new Cutekickstudio page! We are very happy to anounce this update to the image of the studio. We still have the game Quick Kick Quest Here, and we hope to continue working on more cool stuff (games mostly… or maybe just games).

Currently we are working in a new beat’em up game, with a dungeons and dragons theme, we will have 4 classes (rogue, fighter, wizard and druid) for you to play and lots of adventures. We still are working in the name.

We have worked on this project since June 2013, mostly in the engine (character states, fighting system, class design, etc). But we are now moving into making the graphics for the game (the ones that we have were just placeholders). We also wanted to show a little more of our progress here, and decided to make the page a blog.

We plan to publish a beta version that will have the fighter class and one stage, here the slime enemy as an example of the type of art we will use.



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