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  1. Hey there,

    today i tried your fantastic Controller Tool!

    Played HoTs with a PS3 controller, how nice is that?

    Now my question:

    I have Logitech G13 and my goal is that i can move with the Analog Stick. Just the Movement on one Stick.

    I´ve tried some tools but i dident get it.

    perhaps you have an Idea or Solution to bind the movement to this special Stick.

    kind regards


  2. Awesome! glad you liked it and thanks for the input.

    Mmmm, unfortunately I’m working with an XInput wrapper, so you would have to use another tool to emulate an analog of the Xbox controller, once windows recognizes the G13 analog as either the left or right analog of an xbox controller, then my tool should recognize it as well and should work.

    I don’t really have any plans of supporting generic Analog controls yet, but I can consider that an option for future improvements on the tool.

    Now, with other tools, the only other similar tool I have seen is no longer online, it was similar to mine and intended for diablo 3 (was the inspiration for this one actually), but I don’t remember if it worked with any analog in any type of joystick.

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