ARPG Gamepad Controller Released! [Update: Bug fixes]

Hey all!, Roberto aka Weberto here

I finally got this tool into a good enough state that I feel I can release it, heh

Tool Link

Current version as of the last edit to this post: 1.2.5


1.2.5 – Multiple bug fixes, Virtual Aim Timing Improvements

1.2.4 – Fixed a crash that happened under certain conditions

1.2.3 – Added complete button definition to analog configuration, updated Heroes of the Storm profile to fix self cast.

1.2.2 – Improvements on Virtual Aim, improved profile for Heroes of the Storm

1.2.1 – Fixed a crashing bug when a gamepad wasn’t connected.


TLDR version: Needed/Wanted an app to play ARPG games with a gamepad, created this one where you can move and aim almost as if the game had native support for it. At least the action parts, you’ll most likely need either a PS4 gamepad or to use the mouse for Inventory Management, Talent┬áSelection. Currently includes my 2 profiles for Path of Exile and Heroes of the Storm.


I’ve always enjoyed ARPG games, Diablo was great, Diablo 2 is amazing and I also played others like Titan Quest, Sacred, recently Diablo 3 and Path of exile. A few years ago, because of horrible ergonomics on my desktop and way too long gaming sessions of this type of game, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome, went to the doctor, got it controlled and got better.

However, I had to change my mouse to a trackball/trackpad, this didn’t go too well with these games, so I started a quest to find an alternate way of playing these, gamepad being the weapon of choice, after all, they have a topdown view, and it makes sense that they could be played that way. There are a lot of different programs that let you map the analog sticks to mouse, tried a lot of them, but had not much success.

When Diablo 3 was released, I bought it and I wanted to play it, on longer sessions that what I was able to before (with Sacred 2 and trackballs), so I gave it a go again trying to map the gamepad to mouse, got some success with xpadder, but it was still very clunky, then I found an app made for diablo precisely for this, this app would map the analog to a configurable circle around the character, this allowed much much better movement with a gamepad, while you could setup the circle to be an ellipsis in relation to the aspect ratio for aiming, it was still a fixed radius.

I used the app for some time, but a few months ago, I decided it was time to make my own, building upon this idea, I would use the same fixed radius circle for movement, but I wanted a variable radius ellipsis for more precise aiming, searched some info on the internet, made sure I had a way to map to keyboard and mouse that the games would recognize, and after some experimenting, the app was born, I would use it to play Diablo 3 and later Path of exile, I would improve the app for a bit, then play the game for some time.

Recently, I joined the Heroes of the Storm beta, besides trying the game, I wanted to see if I could also play this game with a gamepad, made some more improvements to better support the game, until the current version, where virtual aiming got added, and I feel it plays great (there are some disadvantages since the game has A LOT of actions).

Note that even with this app, I do need to use the mouse for inventory management, on POE I do need to set 1 key to movement, and some times when picking up items I need to use the mouse for more precision, but during combat, which is what I want this for, it moves great, aiming is trickier with the analog stick, but with virtual aiming is a lot better than before (you move and aim with the same mouse pointer and it can only be on 1 spot at a time, heh).

On HotS, I can’t have more than 3 talents mapped, and because of where I mapped them, I couldn’t aim very well with them, so I usually skip those kind of talents (QWER are all mapped to shoulder buttons so I can aim those fine), but talent selection on level up is done with the ps4 gamepad trackpad.

One final note, a PS4 gamepad with InputManager as the driver is highly recommended, as you can use its trackpad and don’t really need to go for the mouse.

Some technical info, this app doesn’t hook into any of the games memory, virtual aiming draws a crosshair into a topmost directx window, so the game needs to be running either in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode, this app also doesn’t support macros nor any type of autotargeting, the idea is to do a 1:1 mapping of actions and not really offer any possible advantage over playing the games normally, so I won’t be adding marco support.

Thanks for reading, if you try the app let me know how it went in the comments!

(UI and the Help section on the Readme file need some love, so any feedback is highly appreciated)

Signin out



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